Crimes against Women: Three Tragedies and the Call for Reform in India by the Staff of the Wall Street Journal

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The reporters of The Wall Street Journal reveal the heart-wrenching details of CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN and the struggles facing the courageous women in India.

As 2012 came to a close, news of the gang rape of a young woman in India’s capital generated headlines around the world. Her assault with a metal rod on a moving bus, and her death two weeks later from her injuries, focused attention on the dark side of the world’s largest democracy: the struggle that faces many Indian women in a country where chauvinistic attitudes are common.

The Wall Street Journal’s India bureau looked deeply into this and other crimes against Indian women. The reporting in all the stories stands out for its gripping detail and its emotional pull. In many cases, central figures involved in these dramas were speaking for the first time.

In this e-book, we are bringing together these stories—in many cases updated with fresh details—to show the hopes and the catastrophes, the bravery and the abuse of millions of India’s women.

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Crimes Against Women: Three Tragedies and the Call for Reform in India
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